Renovation of buildings in stone and cement

Since spring of 2010, the registered office of the Fondazione has occupied the beautiful Villa Sucota.
It is a non-profit charitable organisation which promotes initiatives, researches and studies of artistic, cultural and technological interests in the field of fabric production and contemporary art.


Structure in cement and stone: external stairways, parapets, columns and dock

  • Cleaning of surfaces through washing with a specific high pressure hot water machine to eliminate residues of moulds, lichens and smog through the use of appropriate detergent product

Wood works: windows, external portico

  • Sanding using electric sander and by hand with sandpaper
  • Varnishing, beginning with a first coat of solvent based filler
  • Intermittent application of stucco where necessary
  • Varnishing with two coats of alkyd polyester enamel

Interior works: walls and ceilings

  • Painting
  • Repair of internal walls
  • Painting with first coat of water based emulsified paint
  • Intermittent and partial stucco to eliminate small surface defects including sanding of plastered parts
  • Painting with second finishing coat of water-based emulsified paint

REQUIREMENT – condition of the building:

The exterior stone works such as stairways, parapets, columns and dock present a deteriorated state characterised by the presence of moulds, lichens and other types of stains due to the passage of time and erosion by atmospheric agents.
The wood works – windows, external portico – present a deteriorated state with old paint peeling due to age.
The interior works – walls and local ceilings – after some structural modifications to the walls and ceilings performed by the Client, we were requested to renovate the building.


After inspection and viewing of the state of the surfaces requiring repair, an intervention of renovation of the buildings in stone and cement was established, a specific cycle of varnishing for wood elements was identified and cycles of painting with water-based paints and enamels were envisaged for interior works.


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