Renovation of external façades

Originally, the building was an industrial warehouse later reconverted into garages for medical and other vehicles and an office building with laboratories and medical practices.


Façades – prefabricated cement panels

Preparation of cement pillars:

  • Application of 1 coat of anti-mould restoring detergent SOLUTION:
  • Washing with a special hot water pressure machine to eliminate residues of moulds, smog, etc.

Painting works:

  • Application of 1 coat of a consolidating solvent SOLUTION:
  • Painting of 2 finishing coats with quartz sand acrylic copolymer aqueous emulsion paint, oxide colourants, additives and mineral fillers applied by brush and roller for all surfaces.

Internal works: garage warehouse

  • Walls:
    Two-stage painting in light solid colour with breathable emulsified paint on previously prepared and sealed interior surfaces.

Industrial pavement

  • Preparation works
    Grinding and shot-peening of pavement in concrete with counter-rotating head grinding machine with diamond tools suitable for preparing the surface and receiving the new coating.
    The grinding operation is aided by a filtering system to remove volatile dust.


  • Varnishing with a first coat of high-penetration water based polyamide-epoxy primer applied with brush and rollers
  • Varnishing with 1 coat of bi-component water-based polyamide-epoxy primer applied with brush and roller
  • Varnishing with one finishing coat of bi-component water-based polyamide-epoxy primer with anti-slip additive applied with brush and roller

REQUIREMENT – condition of the building:

The façades present a deteriorated state characterised by the presence of moulds and other types of stains due to the passage of time and erosion by atmospheric agents.
After some structural modifications performed by the Client, we were requested to renovate the building.
In addition, the Client requests internal wall painting and floor varnishing of the warehouse dedicated to garage.


After inspection and viewing of the state of the surfaces requiring repair, an intervention of renovation of the external façades was established.
For the interior works – garage – cycles of painting and varnishing with water-based paints and enamels are envisaged.


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