Varnishing and painting

ComoNExt is a Digital Innovation Hub and start-up Incubator located within the antique Somaini cotton mill in Lomazzo, building from the late 1800s with great historic and architectural importance, whose upgrading bears witness to the desire to enhance the building and the surrounding territory.
Over the course of the past decade, this building has undergone restoration with a careful intervention of recovery of industrial architecture.
The factory, symbol of a century of history, is divided into three lots with a total area of approximately 21,000 m2, for a total of approximately 130 spaces, between offices and laboratories.


  • Internal wall painting works (walls and ceilings) with washable water-based paint and water-based enamel for offices, laboratories and conference rooms, and with water-repellent products for the reinforced cement of the main spiral staircase.
  • Finishing works with resin coatings (walls and ceilings) of service facilities and laboratory and office floorings.
  • Varnishing of iron works (mezzanines and laboratory stairway blocks) with synthetic enamels.
  • Decoration works to create company logo.

REQUIREMENT – condition of the building:

The client presented us with a renovation and upgrading project of the 3rd lot of the building in line with the previously completed works for lots 1 and 2, with the purpose of making new environments accessible.
This work plan was shown to us by means of a pre-established specification drawn up in accordance with the restoration previously carried out on lots 1 and 2 of the building.
The building had different empty environments with supporting structures – iron girders and columns – in iron deteriorated over time and exposed brick walls requiring coverage in plasterboard to create new environments for us to work on.


In line with the tender specification, we followed the directives listed for works of varnishing and painting, proposing finishing works in resin for some environments in progress.


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